Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 30

This week has been really good!  I have really enjoyed Sister Catie Parry as my new companion! :D  She is from Oklahoma and she has been out for almost 5 months!  I have now moved up to Senior Companion status at my 7 month mark. :D  I am actually alright with that :)  She has been teaching me so much and I hope I have been teaching her something too.  I have really enjoyed being companions with her the last couple days.  I will be honest that I wasn't super thrilled to be companions with Sister Parry at first because her and I do missionary work so differently.  I have never really liked using tracting as a way to find new investigators (I haven't really seen it as been super successful) but that's one thing that Sister Parry really loves to do.  This week I definitely had to swallow my pride and do some tracting even though I didn't really want to.  This time, tracting actually worked!  It definitely has been a week of miracles!  We were able to find a new investigator on Thanksgiving.  Her name is Pat and she is a widow.  She grew up Presbyterian, joined the Catholic church and is now back as a Presbyterian.  She was so happy to talk to us and really enjoyed our visit.  We have a return appointment set up for December 11th with her! :)  She seems really open to learning more and I think she will be fun to teach!  I can't wait to see how she ends up progressing!  
We have also been able to find some really great potential investigators.  We found one lady last night who isn't a member and she is already using to work on her family history.  She wasn't super interested in learning more but we both felt like she will eventually join the church.  This lady even made us some hot chocolate to take on the road with us.  This week we have just been able to find a lot of people who are willing to talk with us and are super nice to us. :)  Definitely a week of miracles!
Thanksgiving was great!  In the morning we drove up to the Auburn Stake Center and we were able to play basketball, volleyball, and card games with some of the other missionaries and President and Sister Eaton.  It was super fun! :)  I went and played volleyball and I don't think my wrists have ever gotten as red as they did on Thanksgiving (they were red almost all the way up to my elbows).  It was great to be able to vary our schedule a little bit for the holidays :)  We then came home and did our weekly planning, went out for a couple hours, and then came home and had thanksgiving dinner with the Johnson's,  It was funny because the night before Thanksgiving, the Johnson's oven broke (the bottom heating unit went out) so we had turkey sandwiches for Thanksgiving dinner.  The Johnson's had gone over to their daughter's house for lunch and they brought home some turkey and rolls for us to have since their oven wasn't working.  It was super good!  Now we will get to have Thanksgiving with the Johnson's another time when we don't have a dinner appointment! :D 
I forgot my camera cord so I will have to attach a picture of Sister Parry and I next week (oops).  Nothing else to really report!  Things are going well here in Graham and I'm super excited to keep working here! :D
Love you all!

Sister Megan Hills

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