Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 28

Hello from Graham!
This week was really good :)  We had an awesome ward activity to invite non-members and less-actives to on Friday.  We planned a Fiesta with the Spanish Elders and were able to learn about a different culture.  It was super fun!  There were tons of people there and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  We were able to try some authentic Mexican food and we had a lot of fun with a couple Pinatas! :)  I'll have to attach pictures next week (forgot my camera cord at home).  
Friday, before the ward activity, Sister Mosbrucker and I had a super cool experience.  We had planned in to go see a Less-active in the ward that we didn't know, but when we got to her house, it was being remodeled so no one was living there.  We ended up pulling down the road and were sitting in front of a house as we were looking to see who was close to the place that we were at.  All of the sudden, this older lady was next to our car.  We rolled down the window and she said, "Oh I thought you were my kids just sitting in your car."  We ended up telling her that we were missionaries and we were just looking for someone else to visit.  Somehow, she ended up telling us that she had been baking pumpkin chocolate chip bread.  I LOVE pumpkin chocolate chip bread.  While we were talking to her about baking, she asked us if we wanted a loaf of her bread.  We told her, "It's up to you."  She then invited us into her house to come get a loaf.  We ended up sitting down and talking to her.  We learned that her name is Annie and that she studies from the New World Translation of the Bible.  She participates in a Bible study with a friend who is Jehovah's Witness.  When we told her that we were from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, she looked a little bit confused.  We then proceeded to tell her that we were Mormon.  She then said, "I have always wanted to talk to Mormons before, but I have never had the chance to!"  It made me so excited to hear that!  We have to call her today to set up an appointment because she didn't know what her schedule was like for this week.  I feel like she is so prepared to learn more about the Gospel so I am praying that everything goes well with her.  It's so true that Heavenly Father will help us find those who are ready to hear the gospel or He will lead them to us! :)
Thanks for all our your prayers and all of the help and support that all of you give me!  I love you!

Sister Megan Hills

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