Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 34

Hello from Graham!
This week was really good! :)  We had a very successful week, and I would attribute that to when we were on exchanges!  Sister Parry and Sister Judd were here in our area and they were able to have 14 other lessons and set up 6 return appointments, which constitutes 6 new investigators!  It was great to come back to our area and hear what success they had as they worked together. :)  
We are even seeing a lot more progress with our investigator, Krista.  Right now, she is living with her boyfriend but we are starting to see a change in her as she learns more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She realizes that her boyfriend is not treating her the way that she feels like she needs to be treated and she is getting sick of it.  Sister Parry and I also feel like she is starting to gain a testimony of the things she is learning, so we are super excited to continue to teach her! :)  
We are also seeing a huge change with our investigator Amber.  Gina Vickers is her mom and we have been teaching her a little bit.  The first time that we went over there, Amber was really quiet and very rarely talked to us.  She seemed very shut off to us, but as we have been serving her and inviting her to ward activities, her heart is being softened and she is starting to change! She even asked us the other day about what time church starts because she wants to come!  It has been great to see how service and following the Spirit really help soften people's hearts.
So great story... We decided that we wanted to go visit one of our Less-active members that we didn't know on Thursday.  When we stopped by, a lady answered the door and just started chatting with us.  She ended up asking us if we could come by another time because she was busy.  We told her that we could come back the following day and we scheduled that appointment.  Her name is Shannon and when she told us her name, I knew it wasn't the less-active that we were trying to see.  When we went back the next day, we talked with her for about 1 hour and learned that she wasn't a member and that she wanted to learn more.  It was so cool to find an investigator when our intentions were to visit a less-active member.
Another cool story... We were planning one night and felt like we needed to go see Sister Ramirez.  She is a less-active member who is really struggling with family situations right now.  Well when we went over to see her, we were able to help her a ton.  She was really struggling and was really depressed but we were able to help her as we taught her about the Savior's Atonement.  It was such a neat experience to know that we were led by the Spirit to go see her.
Christmas was great!  I can't believe that it is already over and that I will be home for next Christmas.  It doesn't seem real to me that I only have that much left of my mission... It's going to fly by!
Pictures.... I am going to send them in a separate email but there's some of Christmas, our mission Christmas activity, a little skiff of snow that we got on the 19th, and a pretty sunset from about a week or so ago.
That's about it for the week!  Next week is transfers (again!) and I can't believe it! They just keep passing by way too fast!  Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and that you set some great New Year's resolutions!
Love you all!

Sister Megan Hills

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