Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 51

This week was pretty good :)  Nothing too exciting happened this week other than everyday missionary work :)  Saturday was great though because we had an opportunity to do some unplanned service for some people that were moving.  I think that that was probably my first time having the people accept the help that we offered.  That normally doesn't happen so it made me super excited and super happy!
This week was also my 1 YEAR MARK!  Super crazy!  We went and got some super good cake pops from Starbucks a couple days after to celebrate :)
Friday, we also were able to go back to the park and help out again :)  Super fun!  I got a little sunburned but it was great regardless :)
Sunday, I gave my first talk at church while being on my mission!  It was on the Power of the Atonement to change lives.  It went really well :)  I spoke with a missionary who just returned from Argentina about 2 weeks ago :)  We also were able to have a Missionary Devotional that night.  It was super good!! I was so happy and felt so privileged to be able to sing in the choir for the devotional!  I really felt the Spirit and definitely was glad that I was there.  Heavenly Father truly made some beautiful truths known to me there.  This week has had some tough moments and it was amazing to know that I was going to receive everything I needed according to Heavenly Father's time, even if it wasn't how I was expecting it to come.  I know that Heavenly Father is there for me and that He loves me so much!  I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve a mission and for all the things that I have learned and will continue to learn!
Mom, to answer your questions:
1) Sister Swapp's first name is Cassandra, she has been out for 4 months, she thinks her uncle made a blog for her but she doesn't know what it's called.
2) I love the ward! It's such a great ward to work in!  Lots of stuff to do and the members are great to work with.
3) We are super busy!  We have a baptism on May 10th that we are super excited for!  We are actually trying to do quite a bit of reactivation as well.  It's definitely a nice change from how Graham was :)
4) Our address is (edited)
5) There are actually quite a few stores around our area that we can shop at.  We have Kohl's and definitely more places.  Somewhere there is kind of like a mall that we can go to as well.  Haven't done that yet though because the Elders take our car on P-day so they can get their things done
6) I can't see the Glass Museum from my area but it really isn't very far from my area though so there might be places where I could see it in the Zone.
Pictures: One of all the candy we got on Easter, one of us at the park, and one of a Hard Rock Cafe glass that we found in our cupboard (thought you would enjoy this Dad)
Love you all so much! Remember that Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Megan Hills

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