Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 49

This week was great!  Nothing too exciting happened but we were super busy contacting a lot of people.   We weren't able to have a ton of lessons this week but I still felt like we were being productive regardless.  We are still really working with Rob.  He is amazing!  He quit drinking coffee cold turkey so that he can be ready for his baptism on May 3rd!  I am so excited for him!  Unfortunately, we haven't been able to meet with Jennifer this week so she is no longer committed to baptism on the 19th.  We are going to continue to work with her, it's just getting in contact with her that is the struggle right now.
We also are really trying to work more with the less-active members of the ward and so far have found some really receptive members who are wanting to hear the missionary lessons again.  There are a couple of them that are part-member families too so that makes me even more excited! :)
This week, the Elders had a baptism for their investigator Fred.  We were able to go because we were helping with the program.  That was a cool experience.  Fred is an Islander so it was cool to see all of his family there to support him.
This week there was also a child-of-record baptism and we were asked to participate in the program as well.  It was so great to just be able to feel the Spirit so strongly.
So another random thought, but the Church is doing an Easter campaign and they put out a video that is titled "Because of Him."  It is such a great one!  It talks all about the Savior's life and about the true meaning of Easter.  I would invite all of you to watch it! Hope you enjoy it!

Pictures: so our area goes all the way up to Puget Sound (Poverty Bay and Dumas Bay to be more exact) and by the bay there are TONS of huge houses :)  I got some really good pictures of the bay while we were up there!

Love you all! Happy Easter!

Sister Megan Hills

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