Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 16

This week was pretty good :) We were able to see quite a few people, get a couple new investigators, contact a bunch of referrals that we received, went to the Clark Lake Baptism, and managed to lock our car keys in our trunk! :) Lots of crazy events for the week.

Let's see..... New investigators: Debbie Bartch and Anna McClure. Sister Hopkins and Sister Cox were able to visit with her (for like the first time in 2 months) on Wednesday. We were on exchanges but they were able to see her and set up a return appointment with her for this Wednesday. Anna McClure was a referral that we had received from Brother Naylor about a week ago. When we stopped by to contact her last week, she wasn't home but we were able to talk to her daughter Alex. Alex told us that her mom would be home anytime after 3:30. We decided when we went to go see her on Friday, we would see if Brother Naylor would want to come with us since they know each other a little bit and Brother Naylor said he would like to come with us when we go back. Anna is such a nice lady. She is Catholic but because her pastor retired, she doesn't feel like her church is offering anything to her. She, along with her kids, doesn't have a reason or desire to go anymore because the pastor retired. We are super excited to be able to teach her and she is coming to church on September 1st! :) We are so excited for her!

We also were able to contact a bunch of the referrals we had received. Most of them weren't super interested to learn more about the church but that doesn't mean we are giving up on them. :) We will put them in our potentials list and try back in a couple months :)

On Saturday, Sister Hopkins and I were able to go to a baptism for another set of missionaries in the Zone.  It was awesome!  I could really feel the Spirit there and I was so happy for Jacob and Evelyn. They both looked so happy and so excited to start a "new life" as a member of the church.  Sister Hopkins and I also got some good laughs from this cute little girl who would bring us some of her raisins and then would take them out of our hands and eat them. I would then ask her, "Where did they go?" She then would point to her mouth, silently saying, "They went in here and I ate them." She would continue to bring them back to Sister Hopkins and I until they were all gone. It was just so funny to watch because she was such a cute little girl. That definitely has been one of the hardest things for me while I have been out here, not being able to hold little kids, but I actually adjusted to it quite fast and it's totally worth not holding them right now! :)

We, or should I say Sister Hopkins, also managed to lock our car keys in our trunk on Friday. We were headed over to visit one of our former investigators that we haven't been able to get in touch with for the last month or so because she has been at her aunt's house a lot. We decided that if she wasn't home, we were going to tract her road a little bit, so we got into the back to get some copies of the Book of Mormon to hand out. When Elizabeth wasn't home, we decided we wanted to put our Quads in the car so we wouldn't have to carry them down the road a ways. I'm waiting for Sister Hopkins to unlock the car when I hear her say, "Uh oh." I was confused for a couple seconds and then I was like, "No you didn't!?" She rummaged around in her bag for a little bit and couldn't find them. We started to walk up to the Graney's house (it was right around the corner) and we called Elder Bryant. He said that he was at dinner and so he didn't think that he would be able to help us for a couple hours. While we waited, we were pretty close to a Part-Member family that we had been wanting to visit for about a week so we decided to walk to their house. We stopped by the Relief Society President's house to see if she wanted to come with us. While we were there, the Office Elders called us and said they were just leaving Maple Valley so they would be to our car shortly. We knew we wouldn't be able to get back to our car before they got there, so we called Sister Graney to see if she could drive us down to our car if we walked to her house. She said that she could do that. While we were walking to her house, a silver truck passed by and honked. I just thought that it was some guys checking us out (because that is normally what is going on when someone honks at us) and then Sister Hopkins said, "That would be funny if that was Elder Bryant and the Office Elders because they were wearing white shirts." We got to Sister Graney's house and hopped in her car. While we were driving down the road that our car was on, we see this silver truck driving towards us with a white Corolla following it. I realized that it was our car, so we tried to chase them down. It was such a great story! And the best part was, within those 2 hours that we didn't have a car, we were able to get 4 other lessons and 1 member present lesson. We found out that day how productive walking really can be if you make sure to talk with everyone you see.

So yesterday, we woke up and while we were laying in bed, trying to wake up, we heard this really loud voice coming from outside (and no, we are not hearing voices in our heads).  We couldn't hear everything that the voice was saying but we always seemed to pick up the word "water."  Sister Hopkins and I looked at each other and said, "Are they having a MASS BAPTISM over at the lake?!"  I was like, "Who are these missionaries that found so many converts??"  I found out later that both of us were picturing the "Waters of Mormon" painting that we always see.  As we were trying to figure out what was going on, we both suddenly remembered that there was a triathlon going on that morning and apparently the swimming part of the triathlon was at the lake.  It was the weirdest thing ever!
Saturday was our 4 month mark so we went to Jack in the Box on Saturday to celebrate! :)  It was so good!  Yesterday was National Banana Split Day so we went over to Sister Higgins' house for banana splits that were super yummy! :)

Pictures... Click Day, exchanges (with Sister Pearson), messing with my camera settings (I was very proud of most of these pictures), riding a tiny little bike because our car got taken away :) (just kidding!) 
I think that was about it for the week!
Love you!


Sister Megan Hills

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