Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 13

How's it going?  This past week was definitely better than the week before!  We were able to build our teaching pool back up slowly! :)  After Seneva was baptized, it seemed like our entire teaching pool when down the drain.  We couldn't get in contact with anyone because they were either out of town, sick, dropped us, or didn't want to see us the entire week.  It was a little bit of a bummer but this week was definitely better!  We found a couple new potential investigators, and one new investigator. :)  That is always big for us since finding people can sometimes be really rough for us.  We have been slowly getting more opportunities to serve as well :)  We've had some people from the ward call us and ask us if we can help with some projects that they need to get done :)  I always love doing service!  I always feel so good helping other people and I am always so happy after we do it! :)

This week, we didn't get a ton of lessons but a good amount of the people that we have been teaching are still kind of hard to get a hold of.  We are still working to meet with them when they can meet with us but we also received a TON of referrals this past week so we are trying to get into contact with all of them this week, so who knows... maybe next week we will have a lot more people we are teaching!  Crossing our fingers!

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