Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 4!

Wow!  1 month is gone already!  I can't believe it!  It's going so fast!  Hope this email finds everyone happy and well!

This last week was kind of rough.  It was so hard to find new investigators because no one wanted to talk to us.  But I kept pulling through and now it's super good because the sun has been shining EVERYDAY since Saturday!  I love it! Yesterday we were able to have interviews with President Larkin and it was fantastic!  I told him about how hard it was for me that no one wanted to talk to us and he said just what I needed to hear!  

Today we got to go to the temple!  It was fantastic!  Inside, it looks a lot like the Provo Temple! :) I can't wait to go again (if I get to)!  2 weeks until I know where I will be for the remainder of my mission!  Scary and crazy all at the same time!

Saturday can't come fast enough!  We have a BAPTISM! :) Sister Weaver (I think I've mentioned her in past emails) is who's getting baptized!  She is SO prepared!  Before we even taught the Word of Wisdom, she had stopped drinking coffee because she knew she would have to quit sooner or later! :)  It's been great to teach her and realize how prepared she is! :) I will include pictures of the baptism next week :)

Mom, thanks for the letter and the pictures!  I had so much fun looking at them! :)  The backyard looks so different with those new trees!  I bet Rescue loves them! :) Last week, we went down to a church building in Auburn that had a Family History Center in it to email :) That was fun to do! :) Two other things...
1) Whenever you send another package, do you think you could include my copy of "Daughters In My Kingdom"?  The one about the relief society?  It should be on my desk :)
2) Be on the look out for warm winter clothes that are on sale :)  Apparently, because of the humidity, it feels a lot colder than it actually is and Sister Crockett said it would be good to have some warmer tights and stuff for then.  No hurry though :)

Pictures... My click day picture, a picture of my Zone at the temple from today, and a re-enactment of Alli's picture with the statue :)

I am so thankful for this gospel!  I know that it is true with every fiber of my being.  I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love each and every one of us unconditionally.  I know that we can come closer to Them as we read the scriptures and pray.  I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that we can receive revelation for ourselves as we read it. I know that families can be together forever as long as we are obedient and are sealed in the temple.  I know that Joseph Smith really did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the Sacred Grove and that the only way you can know if he really did is by reading the Book of Mormon.  I know that we are blessed as we are obedient to the Lord's commandments.  I am so thankful for Christ's Atonement and His glorious Resurrection.  I know that the Plan of Salvation is also the Plan of Happiness!

I love you guys!


Sister Megan Hills

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