Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 6!!!! TRANSFERS!

Hey Hey!

So news on transfers.... I will be in the.... wait for it...... WASHINGTON FEDERAL WAY MISSION!!!!!! I stayed in Kent in the Lake Sawyer Ward! :)  I am so happy and excited about it! :) I will get you all the address to the mission home as soon as I know what it is :)  Until then, just send things to the address I gave you.

Sister Crockett got transferred so my new companion is Sister Nancy Hopkins!  She was in my MTC district so I am super excited!  It is going to be a great transfer!  Most of our MTC district is going to be in the Federal Way mission so that will be fun! :)  It's crazy though because I am the Senior Companion and I have only been here one transfer!  It's sort of freaking me out!  It will be exciting though!

This week was a super interesting week.  Hopefully I can get everything in my email (if not, I will send whatever I forget in my letter this week).  So first things first... After we emailed last week, we got a call from our ward mission leader.  He told us that a lady who lived down in Federal Way was moving up to our ward on Tuesday.  Her name is Seneva.  She has taken all of the discussions from the Elders down there and is basically ready to be baptized!  She has been such a miracle for Sister Crockett and I!  We are planning on having her baptized this weekend (or possibly sooner!).  We worked all week to have her baptism this past Saturday but she was sick that day so we had to cancel. :(  A little bit of a bummer, but it happens.

We found a couple Potential Investigators this week as well :)  It's still a little difficult to find people but I think we are getting better at it :)

We did exchanges this week as well! :)  I was able to be companions with Sister Morrow again!  It was so fun to see her and to learn from her.  

Besides finding Seneva this week, working all week to have her baptism happen last Saturday, and exchanges, nothing else too exciting has happened.

Mom, thanks for the cookies!!  They hit the spot and they were still soft when I got them :)

On Saturday, there was this crazy rainbow around the sun!  It was in a perfect circle around the sun!

One picture is of me and Elizabeth (the 17-year-old that we are teaching).  She is such a sweetheart!

One is of Brother Sanchez, his son Isaiah, and I.

And one is of Brother and Sister Graney and I (the ward mission leader and his wife).

Thank you guys for everything!  Love you!


Sister Megan Hills

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