Friday, May 3, 2013

Week 2

Hey Everyone!

So, Mom, to answer your questions... I received both of your packages, dad's letter, and your letter that you sent on Tuesday!  Thank you so much for that!  It made my day to receive those from you guys!  Our District Leader (Elder Larsen) checks the mail right after lunch and before dinner every day so we get mail about 2 times a day!  It's so fun to see how much mail we have! :)  I've mainly only heard from you guys.  I received a letter from Grandma Carlton yesterday so that was fun! :) Could you possibly have Alli message Kellsie on Facebook for her address? I only have her mission email but she won't be checking that until around the end of June.

More about my district... Sister Morrow is from Farmington, Utah.  She went to Viewmont High School so she isn't too far away :)  Sister Taylor: I met her on Facebook and she is from Austin, Texas but she's been going to school at BYU; Elder Larsen is from Mesa, Arizona; Elder Dawson is from Holbrook, Arizona; Elder Turney is from Sandy, Utah; Sister Hopkins is from Provo, Utah; Sister Stauffer is from Cedar Hills, Utah; and Sister Lee is from Loveland, Colorado.  All of us are going to Seattle and we all leave on the 7th :) Same day, same flight! :) We have become such good friends in just a week which is amazing! :) We already are not happy about being separated once we get to Seattle.  All 6 of us sisters are in the same room so its super fun!  We have some fun adventures!  It was like the 2nd or 3rd day and we found an x-ray of a foot on top on our closets!  Crazy, huh?

Sunday for Relief Society, they actually had Sister Oscarson (the new General Young Women's President) speak to us for the lesson. :) She was fantastic! :) I learned so much and enjoyed listening to her :)  We don't have Relief Society this Sunday cuz we have a mission conference this Sunday so that was my one and only Relief Society experience at the MTC.

The food is okay.  It depends on the day and what's on the menu.  I can't wait to get up to Seattle to be able to cook my own food as well as have some great tasting food! :) I drink chocolate milk pretty much every single meal here so they probably are noticing disappearing milk here! :)  It is SO good! :) I sure miss you cooking though Mom... :/ but it's alright!  18 months without it will make me excited to come home. :)

I've ran into quite a bunch of friends and people from the ward.  You obviously heard that I ran into Leslie Oswald and that was a blast! :) I've ran into Courtney Huffman, Rachel Hansen, AND yesterday I ran into the Maher's during dinner!  It was so fun to see them and to talk to them! :)  I've also ran into Brady Eisert, Tiana Caldwell, Brendan Bennet, Dave Clark (Macey's), and Emily Youngberg (Macey's).  I've also recognized some people that were in my Institute classes at UVU but I didn't really know them very well.

I wish I could have been there for AJ but let him know how much I love him and how proud I am of him!  :) I hope I get a letter from Alice!  I can't wait to hear how she's doing and how her birthday was! :)

I'm missing Macey's but I am loving being here! :) I am learning so much and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! :)

It doesn't matter to me what you want to do about the cell phone.  I found out that I have about 500 minutes to use if I buy a $5 calling card in the bookstore. If you guys don't answer it takes away a chunk of my minutes but I still will have a good amount.  So whatever works for you :) How about just talk to dad and let me know what you are going to do :) I'm leaving extra minutes to come back and check your reply but I think I'm going to come back down and check on it around  530ish so if you could reply by then that would be great :) 

We have been teaching a couple investigators.  Their names are Violet, Barbara, and Elizabeth.  Our teaching appointments are going super well and we really enjoy them! :) I think I will just write you a letter that is more  about the investigators because there is a bunch to talk about and not enough time.

Life is going good in the MTC.  Still just keeping super busy but it's been pretty good anyway :) I can't wait to get to Seattle and start using the things I have been learning! :) I will talk about the things I have been learning in my letter as well :)

I love you guys and am so thankful for your support! :)  I know that this is where I'm supposed to be at this time in my life and I am so glad I am here! :) I know that there are people in Seattle who need me to share the gospel with them :)

I love you!

Sister Megan Hills

Sister Megan Hills
MTC Mailbox #124
WA-SEA 0507
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604

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