Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 2 in the Field!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry this email is kinda short but there isn't too much to write about since I've only been here for about 1 week.

So one story! :) I haven't been out here for too long but let me tell you, I have never had so many people uninterested in the gospel or so many doors slammed in my face (not really slammed, but you get the picture).  Friday was such a cool experience though.  So President Larkin sent us a voicemail (he sent it out to the entire mission) and he told us that the Lord had prepared 3 people for us to put on date for baptism.  He called them "Miracles." Sister Crockett and I were so excited to get out there and find those 3 people!  We started out our day trying to meet up with people at their houses (whether they were referrals, less actives, appointments, ect.) and every house we went to, no one answered.  I was feeling okay about it though because that's how every day since Tuesday kinda went and I knew that it was going to be that way so it didn't really bother me.  All day, the Assistants to the President were forwarding all of the voicemails about the miracles other people were having and I was always so excited when we would get one!  The day kept going and we still weren't having any luck with finding our 3 miracles.  We decided to go over to this one lady's house (her name is Sally Anne) and see if we could teach her.  We drove all the way out there (and a member met us at her house) and she didn't answer her door.  So we decided to go sit in the car (because we were a few minutes early) and the next time we looked over at her house, ALL of the blinds were closed!  We realized that she was there but didn't want to meet with us that day and I pretty much burst into tears! I was so frustrated that we still hadn't found a single miracle that day and some companionships were getting 5 and 6 miracles.  I felt like I was failing as a missionary.  So we left her house and went and knocked on people's doors again.  We found a couple people who said they would be baptized but they wouldn't commit to a date (and the date was what we had to have to count it as a "miracle") so I just kept getting more frustrated.  I felt like "If we could just get ONE miracle, I wouldn't ask for anything else.  I just need one to lift my spirits." That evening we went out to a part-member family's house and taught them a little bit.  On the way home, and not too far away from the part-member's house, my companion pulled over and said "let's knock on these doors real quick."  There were 3 houses and it was like 8:55 and I just wanted to go home but I consented.  So we ran up the first house and knocked on the door.  A girl answered and we asked her if her parents were home.  She said that they weren't and so we were kind of discouraged again (apparently we try not to talk to them for too long if their parents aren't home).  We ended up talking to her for a while and found out her name is Elizabeth, she's 17, and that her grandma had just died.  My companion asked her if her parents would be interested in learning more about Jesus Christ and she said "no, they aren't super open to that" but then my companion asked her if she would be interested in learning about Him.  She, very enthusiastically, said, "Yes I would love that!"  We both got super excited so we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and a pamphlet about the Restoration.  I then felt like I should just ask her about baptism.  I asked, "As you come to know if the Church is true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized?"  Guess what her response was!  She said YES! :) I told her that we have a baptismal service on June 8th and that that would be the day she would get baptized if she knew it was true and she said "sure!"  THERE WAS OUR 1 MIRACLE THAT I HAD BEEN PRAYING FOR! :D We were so excited!  I just know that Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us!  He knows what we need to succeed and what we need to keep going!  It really strengthened my testimony!

That's about the most exciting thing that has happened this week so far.  I'm missing my district from the MTC but I get to see all of them tomorrow so I'm super excited! My apartment is small and not in the best shape but oh well.  The area is BEAUTIFUL!  I am in Kent right now and am loving it! :D It's a lot of country roads and fields but it is such a pretty place!  I finally got to experience the Seattle rain that I hear about all the time last night!  It has been sunny everyday up until last night and now it's overcast but no rain today yet.  We have a couple investigators and a lot of potential investigators. We are just working on getting them ready for baptism.  I placed my first copy of the Book of Mormon on Tuesday about 1 hour after we started working!  That was fun to do! I am working so hard to be the best missionary I can possibly be!  It definitely isn't easy at all but it is so worth it!  I have come to find out a lot about myself in just the few weeks that I have been gone. A mission is one of the best things ever!  Plan on going on a mission if that's something you want to do, and if it's not something you have in mind right now, make it a goal to go on one!  Your testimony grows so much in just 1 week and you learn so much about the gospel in such a short amount of time.

I love you guys and am so thankful for your support!  My mom has set up a blog for me that you can follow how I am doing if you want :) It's 

Sister Megan Hills

Sister Megan Hills
Washington Seattle Mission
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