Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 39

This week was pretty uneventful.... Just the normal everyday missionary work.... Knocking on doors and talking to people.  It was definitely a slower week for us but I think that was to be expected.  Everyone was preparing for the Superbowl (Go Hawks!) and we were able to go to the temple this week, which causes Satan to work really hard on us the remainder of the week.  We were able to contact a lot of the referrals that we had received and teach quite a few lessons (more than I thought we would end up teaching this week) but it was still kind of slow.  Then to top it all off, yesterday I wasn't feeling good all day.  I think I caught some 24 hour bug because I feel fine now but I just didn't feel or look very good yesterday.  So after church, we went to dinner and then went inside for the rest of the night.  Kind of an uneventful day and week.  This week should be a lot better though! :)

Sister Megan Hills

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