Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 38...Already???

Hey Everyone!
This week was great!  It started out really rough but by the end it was fantastic! :)  Sister Parry and I were able to experience a lot of miracles at the end of this week.... It's definitely true that the Lord will push you until you are ready to give up and then He blesses you will so many miracles!  Up until Thursday, I was just done.... We hadn't had very many lessons for the week, things just weren't progressing.  Then on Thursday, the sun came out and it was actually quite warm for the next three days so Sister Parry and I did a ton of walking!  My hips have been so sore from walking but it really has been great regardless.  We were able to have some great success with finding others this week, especially when we have been walking.  We have just been able to teach really well together and we have had more unity between us as we have taught lessons.  We have had some fantastic lessons teaching the Less-active members of our ward the Restoration and the Spirit has definitely been there.  We also were able to teach our investigator, Shannon, the Plan of Salvation and that went super well too! :)
We were able to teach our investigators, Scott and Tanya, the Plan of Salvation last night and that went fantastic!  Scott is actually the Great- Great- Great- Great- Grandson of Joseph Smith so he has read the Book of Mormon all the way through and Preach My Gospel (I haven't even done that yet)... They totally agree with everything they have read about the Gospel and they see how the Book of Mormon and the Bible connect.  They are golden!  They are just a great family and I can't wait to see where they progress!  Crossing my fingers that they will progress quickly!
We were also able to meet a Part-member family this week and they are awesome too!  Natoshia and David were so nice to us when we went and visited and they are just a great family too! :) We hope to be able to help them progress as well!
The Kibbie family has been sick this week so we weren't able to follow through with our dinner appointment on Wednesday.... Sad day but we should be meeting with them next week hopefully!
We were able to get a couple of the less-actives that we are working with to come to the Relief Society activity on Wednesday and they had a lot of fun!  Now we are just working to help them come to church... We will definitely get them there this week.
We also had some interesting experiences tracting this week.... We stopped and talked to a lady named Leanna.  She was so funny!  She kept telling us that she thought everything about our religion was great except for the fact that we "had that other book."  She even told us if we didn't have the Book of Mormon, our church would be the one that she would join.  We asked her if she had ever read it and she told us, "I can't.  I'm not supposed to."  She LOVES the Bible and is caught up on Revelation 22:18 where it talks about adding to the Bible.  It was so funny!
We also went to go visit one of our potential investigators and her husband answered the door.  We asked if his wife was home and he said no.  We went to introduce ourselves and he wouldn't even shake our hands.  He then proceeded to tell us that he was "happily Jewish" and slammed the door in our face..... 
The temple was amazing!  We saw the newest movie (not your favorite mom) but it was amazing!  We have to head to go shopping now so I will expound more on the temple experience next week! :) 
Love you all!

Sister Megan Hills

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