Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 40

This week was great (up until Sister Parry got sick)!  We had a lot of miracles happen this week!  So it started on Tuesday.  We were having a great day with finding that day and were able to find a couple good potential investigators :)  Then we were going to go visit a Less-active member and felt prompted to stop by and see Trish, one of our Potential Investigators.  We had actually found Trish a month prior to this stop.  When we tracted into her, she was busy and asked us to come back later that day.  When we went back, she wasn't home and her husband said that she wasn't interested. We tried throughout the month to get in contact with her but we weren't able to.  When we went and saw her last week, she was so excited that we had come back and was worried that her husband had scared us off.  She said that she was going to come to church on Sunday and that she wanted her kids to have religious influence in their lives.  Then when we didn't think that our day could get any better, we received a referral for a couple named Tyler and Amber.  When I saw what their address was, I recognized the place as a neighborhood that we had tracted in about 1 week ago.  I then remembered that there was a couple with a screaming little girl that we saw and were going to walk right past them because we didn't want to bug them.  Sister Parry and I opted to stop and talk with them anyway.  We gave them a card and went on with our day.  When we were tracting, I looked to see which house they went in so we wouldn't knock on their door since we already talked to them.  When we went to go contact Tyler and Amber after receiving the referral, it ended up being that couple that we had talked with about 1 week prior! :)  Sister Parry and I were so excited!  Tyler and Amber had been on the beach in Federal Way and some Elders had started talking to them.  The Elders then sang a song and told Tyler and Amber that they would get in contact with the missionaries by their house.  And that ended up being Sister Parry and I! :)  And then I got an amazing letter from one of my buddies that totally made my day and really helped me a lot.  Tuesday was probably the best day out of the entire week! :)  
Thursday we had Zone Conference and that was super good too! :)  We talked about the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion and teaching with the Spirit.  I learned a lot about how to help our investigators.
Saturday night we got SNOW! :)  about 6 inches or so and it was grat!  I took some pictures but I will attach them in my email on Tuesday (forgot my camera) :)  Because of the snow, church ended up being cancelled.  That was so weird to me!  I don't think that has ever happened in my life time so that was definitely an interesting experience!  
Hope everyone is having a great day and week!  Talk to you on Tuesday!

Sister Megan Hills

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