Thursday, July 25, 2013

Transfers... Week 11 :)

**Sorry about the late post...we were out of town with little/no internet service**

Hey everyone!

So transfers..... I'M STILL IN LAKE SAWYER!  Yesterday, Sister Hopkins and I were freaking out because of transfers.... I don't think I like them.... I always get so nervous (which I really shouldn't because I'm going to be sent wherever I need to be) but it was good :)  The Zone Leaders thought it would be funny to call us and act like we both were getting transferred before he told us that we were staying.... NOT FUNNY!  I am so excited to be here in Lake Sawyer for another transfer!  I was really hoping I would stay so now I'm super happy! :) This is going to be the best transfer ever!

Saturday, we had a BAPTISM!!!! :) Actually 2!  Seneva and Izeyla both got baptized on Saturday.  It was such an awesome baptism.  They both were so ready and so excited!  The Spirit was so strong and it just felt right.  Sister Hopkins and I did a special musical number (we didn't do as good as we were hoping) but everyone said that the musical number was beautiful.  It was crazy how everything was working out perfectly leading up to their baptism this time. :)  Everything just was going right.  But of course, after all the good comes the bad..... So now I have that to look forward to... not!

This week we were also able to start teaching Lois Bushman.  We ended up teaching her some of the Restoration and she was really enjoying it. :)  I can't wait to go back and teach her again.  This week was also pretty slow because basically everyone was sick (and I mean everyone!).  We didn't really get to visit anyone else but this week we are definitely working harder to go see everyone that we can :)  We are going to make this such a great transfer!

Oh!  And I tried deer meat for the first time this week :)  Actually pretty good :D

There is one of Seneva and Izeyla's baptism on Saturday, one of a deer that we saw while we were tracting, we had a barbeque and birthday cake over at the Higgins' home and invited their neighbor, Lilah, who isn't a member (Lilah and I share the same birthday), I finally got to use those birthday candles you sent me Mom, and there is one of my District this last transfer (L-R: Hermana Womack, Hermana Hansen, Sister Hopkins, Me, Elder Jenkins, Elder Martin, Elder Nebeker, and Elder Garrard)

That's about all the updates.  Thanks for your love and prayers.  I definitely feel them throughout the day!  Can you believe that tomorrow is my 3 MONTH MARK????? Crazy!

Love you all!

Sister Megan Hills

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