Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 1, 2013 Letter

Wow! I can't believe it has already been June! It's so weird to think that it's July and that my 3 month mark is just around the corner! The mission sure goes quick! I got your letter with my memory card today. Thanks for getting that back to me quickly and for your letter as well.

It's been pretty good here in Kent this week. Just super hot like how Lehi sounds. So unfortunately, I wont be sending any Washington rain your way. :) I'm glad you guys liked the pictures! I need to start writing down the pictures that I have taken on my other card. I will eventually get to wearing all of the clothes we have bought but some are a little warm for now. I did find a black belt that works with that red cardigan and my polka-dot dress today at Fred Meyer.

Sister Hopkins is the best! I have really enjoyed having her as a companion. She makes the days so much fun and so much more happy! She was serving down in Bonney Lake (down by Puyallup). Sister Crockett went up to the Bellevue South area of the mission, so she is up in the Seattle mission still. That's kind of sad that I won't be able to be her companion again but I'm still planning on emailing her a lot. It definitely is nice to have a change in companions because everyone is a little different so you learn things from each of them.

So tomorrow, we have a zone conference with the new mission president. I am so excited! It's going to be awesome! After that, we are doing interviews with President Eaton. I am super excited! Can you believe that I am now OFFICIALLY in the Washington Federal Way Mission?! It doesn't seem real but it will be great!

I have kept in touch with Kellsie and Joseph and even Nick just a little bit. Kellsie just went into the MTC on the 26th of June and she seems to be doing well. Joseph just got to Chile not too long ago and he is super excited. He was called to the Chile Concepcion South Mission but I just got an email from him today and he told me that they moved him to the Chile Concepcion Mission instead! Kellsie is the only one who even remotely stayed where she was actually called. Kellsie just turned 19 at the beginning of June and she wrote me all about her birthday. It sounds like she had a bunch of fun!
That's a bummer about Courtney. You are going to have to keep me updated about her. I don't think she really even got to experience the mission if she was only there for a few weeks. It's fantastic but also quite rough sometimes. That's funny you saw Nick's mom at the post office. He seems to be doing good (from the little he tells me). Yeah, he has been out for just over 6 months (Sister Crockett went into the MTC on the same day as him). That is funny that Nick's mom was mailing him nerf guns. I'm content with the GPS...don't know what I would do with the nerf guns!

I loved talking to Alli on Monday! It was fun to hear from her and see how her life was going. I got a letter from her that was fun to read as well. Sounds like a lot of fun things are going on back home for everyone. I can't believe school is getting closer for those two again. Up here, school just got out about 3 weeks ago so it doesn't feel like they should be going back yet! I will tell you that I haven't slept in that late at all up here! It's good and bad because I am still getting used to getting up early (and sometimes it's not fun at all) so I'm tired a lot but at the same time it's nice getting up that early and getting things going early. It has made it a little bit easier to get up in the morning because the sun is shining at 6:30am.

Thanks so much for that awesome scripture you sent. I really, really enjoyed it. Zone conference on Tuesday was amazing! The mission president told us that within 6 months (not 100% accurate on the time frame) we will probably be using the internet! So basically for the last 1/2 of my mission I will be able to use it! He also talked about serving with LOVE! The whole time I was fingering my necklace you gave me when we were in the truck heading to the MTC! I was thinking about that day and about the things that President Eaton was talking about just reminded me about the whole reason of why I am out here serving! I was awesome! One of my favorite quotes that Sister Eaton said in her talk was "Blessed are the flexible for they won't be bent out of shape". I really like that because it is witty and at the same time very true. President Eaton said "Love often comes on the move!" and it is so true! The more I serve those around me, the more love and charity I have towards them.

Here is the mission office address:
23175 224th PL SE Suite E
Maple Valley, WA 98038

We also had interviews with President Eaton after zone conference. I told him about the necklace and he was super excited about that! I think it shocked him that I had that on my mind the whole time I have been serving. He is going to be an awesome mission president! After zone conference and interviews, Sister Hopkins and I went to go visit a referral we had received that was a less-active member. She lives down by President Eaton in a gated community type cu-de-sac. We didn't have a way to get in so we pulled off to the side of the road and said a prayer. After we finished the prayer, Sister Hopkins said "let's try to call her". We dialed her number and no one answered. We sat there trying to decide what we wanted to do, when I looked in the rear view mirror there was a silver car pulling up to the gate we needed to go through. We hurried and turned around so we could make it through. We were able to go see our referral and it was all because Heavenly Father's hand in getting us through the gate. He knew we needed to go see our referral and so He answered our prayer. It was so cool!

Nothing to exciting is going on other than that...just working hard trying to be the best missionary possible. We will have to see what this next week brings.

I love you so much.
Sister Megan Hills

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