Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 74

Hey Everyone!

This week was awesome :)
Tuesday:  We had our scripture study training :) It was so good :)  I learned so much about techniques for studying (like patterns, symbolism, ect.)  I am excited to apply them as I study!  We also got to watch "Meet the Mormons!"  Can I just say, it is SO good!  I want to watch it again and it hasn't even been a week yet!  I am so excited for everyone to see it :)  I would take some tissues because my companion and I were crying during it and my companion doesn't cry.  I won't ruin it for you but you will have to go see it :)
***Not really sure who she is talking about in this next part since she left out some of that information. From what she's wrote, it looks like Jarvin is married to two ladies and I'm sure that isn't correct. :) ***
Wednesday:  We watched the Restoration DVD and made sure that they understood the Apostasy and how God's authority was lost. That was something that they didn't completely understand so we helped them understand better :) It was also good that we watched the DVD because Shakita's husband, Jarvin, wasn't there when we first taught the Restoration. We then extended the baptismal invitation to them and Shakita said that if she knew it was true, she would get baptized but she didn't commit to a specific date yet. Jarvin and Chaaka weren't sure. We were excited though for Shakita because she is willing to follow Christ when she knows that it's true. We have an appointment with them tonight which will be really good :)
Friday:  Mom, I got your package :)  Brooke and Everleigh LOVED the bags :)  They were super cute too :)  Courtney was so happy and so grateful :)  This is going to be a fun week for them too because baby Lily is going to be here today which will be super fun! BTW thanks for the peaches :)  They were so good :)  I finished the entire bottlethat night! :)  It will be nice to have some more in a couple weeks :)
Saturday and Sunday:  I think the only word to describe these two days is AWESOME!  Conference was amazing!  I loved how they talked a lot about improving yourself and make sure that you are converted :)  I hope everyone has set some goals on how they are going to apply what they learned from conference :)

I hope everyone has a great week this week and that you have lots of success in whatever you do :)
Love you all!

Sister Megan Hills

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