Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 68

This week was pretty good :)  Nothing super exciting happened this week though.  It was just a normal missionary week :) Hopefully this week will be better :)  We did get the opportunity to ride bikes for a few hours so I had to include a picture.  And Sister Evans-Bottoms and I made cake pops that were super good :)
This week, Sister Evans-Bottoms and I have made a goal to talk to 100% of the people that we see.  That's going to be difficult but we are going to work hard at it :)
My plan for the Elder Ballard Challenge:
* Sister Evans-Bottoms and I are going to each set a personal minimal goal every day for how many people we each individually want to talk to. This goal will be bumped up as we accomplish that specific goal.
* We also thought about how much time we spend specifically contacting and decided that we need to set aside time each day that we will contact only.
* I am going to also pray for more charity and love for the people, as well as pray to see them as Heavenly Father sees them. A return missionary spoke in church yesterday and he said a great quote that explains this thought so much better, "Whatever is holding you back, love the Savior more to get over it." The Savior is truly the way that we can overcome the things that we need to so we can become more like Him. I am going to apply the Atonement more in my life, especially this week as I work at talking with everyone.
Mom, Grandma Hills sent me a letter and if you could just let her know that I got it.  Also, Sister Condie (up here in Lakota Creek) is the Young Women's president and is looking for fun activities/advice for that calling.  I thought I would ask you about ideas and such if you have any.  Also, someone I was talking with this week asked me about what I am going to do for school once I get home and they mentioned that sometimes there are scholarships for return missionaries.  I was wondering if you could check that out for me if you have time.  Thanks!

Hope this email finds everyone well :)  Love you all and have a great week!

Sister Megan Hills

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