Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 25...The best week and the worst nightmare

Hey Everyone!
So this week was crazy!  Not a ton of new things with the work but there were a lot of crazy experiences that were not related to missionary work whatsoever.  I guess I will start with how the work has been and then explain everything else.
So the work..... this week we were able to visit a ton of Less-Actives (the majority of them were actually in-actives) so that was super good! :)  All of them were super nice and willing to visit with us!  We also were able to get in contact with Jessica and invited her to the ward trunk-or-treat and chili cook-off this coming up Wednesday.  We also went and visited one of our former investigators, Joyce, and had a super good lesson with her!  We think we know how to get her to church!  Sister Mosbrucker and I need to SING in sacrament meeting!  I am so excited and so nervous all at the same time!  We just have to put it in action now! :) Can't wait!
Now to the crazy experiences!  So Monday and Tuesday were just normal days and then Wednesday happened.  So Wednesday, we went to go visit a member.  We had never been to her house before this visit.  When we drove up the road, we ended up passing her house because it was on the corner and we couldn't park right in front of her house quick enough.  Sister Mosbrucker decided to park in front of the next house up the road and we would just walk back.  30 minutes later..... as we are walking out to the car, the Relief Society President was calling so I answered the phone and start talking to her.  Sister Mosbrucker goes to start the car and notices that there is a paper taped to our windshield so she takes it off of the windshield and gets back in the car.  She reads it and then just starts laughing!  After I got off the phone, she handed the note to me and this is what it said: "keep parking here and you will have to buy a new car. from: the *&%$@# who lives at this house."  It made us both laugh super hard because we weren't even parked on his property and he was so upset that we were parked in front of his house.  Now we just know not to park there next time :)
Thursday was normal.  The only exciting thing was it was my 6 month mark out on my mission! :)  It's going super fast!
Friday was pretty normal until that night.  We went to go visit a less-active family (the Zoch family) and parked in between the Zoch's home and their neighbor's house on the road.  We went inside and start talking to Sister Zoch and her kids and then Brother Zoch got home and we started to talk to him.  While we were talking, someone knocked on the door so both of their kids jumped up to go answer it.  All of the sudden we hear someone yelling, "You are so immature and your parents are so inconsiderate...."  It went on for a little bit longer before Brother Zoch walked over to the door.  It ended up being their neighbor (the one that we sort of parked in front of her house) and she just kept yelling at Brother Zoch.  She kept saying, "Get that car off of my property!  I want those wheels off my grass! etc., etc., etc."  It went on for a good 10 minutes or so.  Brother Zoch wasn't really helping either though.... He was sort of egging her on to keep yelling. Sister Mosbrucker and I realized that she was talking about our car so we told Sister Zoch that we would go move it.  She told us to wait until their neighbor went back inside and then Brother Zoch would walk out with us so we wouldn't get an ear-full.  So finally the neighbor leaves and we get ready to go move our car when the Zoch's daughter saw that their neighbor had her car facing our car.  We honestly thought that she was going to hit our car because we weren't moving it fast enough.  We ran outside and tried to apologize to her that we had parked there but she wouldn't listen.  She was on the phone with the police and gave them our license plate number and everything but then they realized that we were parked on city property (there's a strip of grass between the road and the sidewalk that is city property and that's where our tires were parked at).  So we moved our car and went back inside and had a great lesson with them! :)  It was super funny because Brother Zoch had apparently recorded her yelling at him (she's been doing that for about 6 years or so) and so we kept playing the recording all throughout the lesson!  We all were just busting up laughing because it was so funny and such a dumb thing to be upset about.  We were totally exhausted that day, because of how busy it was, so we went home, planned for the next day, and went to bed.
Saturday morning started out normal :)  We finished studies and were getting ready to head out to work.  The sisters that we live with left before we did and not 2 minutes after they walked out the door, they called.  We thought that they had forgotten something and wanted us to bring it to them.  Sister Mosbrucker asked them what they forgot and Sister Goaslind said, "Ummm.... we have a problem.... our mailbox is destroyed!"  Sister Mosbrucker and I were shocked!  I was in the process of putting some more layers on when we heard this and Sister Mosbrucker said, "Get some shoes on!"  We ran down our driveway and our mailbox was completely unfolded (keep in mind, it's a metal mailbox) on the opposite side of our driveway!  We didn't know what to do so we called our Zone Leaders and they drove over to our house to see it.  Sister Goaslind called her Zone Leaders and they came over as well.  One of our neighbors across the street opened her window and told us what had happened.  Someone was drag racing (or drunk) at 1:00 am and hit our mailbox, a street sign, a rock, and uprooted a tree.  Our neighbors had drove down the road to see the damage and get the license plate number to let the police know.  They ran the license plate number over to us while we were standing outside.  Our Zone Leaders were able to find a wooden pole and put that in the hole that was now empty for a new mailbox.  They ran to Walmart and got us a cheap mailbox to use and some reflective stuff and number stickers for the mailbox.  It was such a crazy day!
That's about it for the week!  Hope everything is going well for you!
Love you all!

Sister Megan Hills

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