Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 23

This week was really good :) We were able to find some new investigators (party time!) and have a super busy week! :) We were on the move all day, every day this week! Love it! :) I love when we are super busy!
First thing's first.... Transfers..... I am staying in Graham with Sister Mosbrucker! :) Super excited especially since the work is finally starting to pick up! :)
We had dinner on Wednesday with Part-Member Family and we were able to really connect with them and set up a return appointment for this week :) They are so nice! Todd is less-active ad his wife, Hope, is not a member. I am super excited to see what happens with those two!
Elder Thomson and Elder Wilson gave us a referral this week too that the Elders had been teaching a couple months ago. They thought that we would be able to connect better with Christa because she's a single mom. We met with her and she asked us to come back this Thursday.
We also found a new investigator on Tuesday last week. His name is Elijah but I don't know too much about him because I was on exchanges when Sister Mosbrucker and Sister Verhoef found him. I do know that he's studying to do something with working on cars but that's about all that I know about him. We have a church tour set up with him on Saturday though and I am so excited! :)
This week I was also able to go on exchanges with Sister Dudek and Sister Carlin!  I really have loved exchanges!  It's been a little bit short-lived though because Sister Mosbrucker just was released as Sister-Trainer Leader so I won't be going on a lot of exchanges anymore.  But I am super excited because Sister Wolfe, one of the sisters we live with, is our new Sister-Trainer Leader! :)  It will be a great transfer! :)
In other news, we might be moving houses..... We are working to move into our ward boundaries since we live outside of our ward and stake boundaries.  We are hoping to move into one of the member's homes at the end of this week so I will keep you updated! :)
One random thing for the week... We found a dead bird on our patio (don't worry we didn't touch it) so we thought it would be fun to have a burial for him. :)  This tells you how crazy all of us sisters are!
1. Graham Zone (sorry this one is blurry..... don't know what happened)
2. Exchanges with Sister Dudek
3. Exchanges with Sister Carlin
4. Burial for Tweeter
That's about it for the week!  Thanks so much for all of you love and prayers!  I truly appreciate it!

Sister Megan Hills

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