Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 20! ...Time is flying!

Hey Hey Everyone!
Man, this week was a crazy busy week.  I LOVED it! :)  I always love when we are super busy and have lots to do... sometimes I wonder if that is such a great thing or not because it also makes me very stressed sometimes.  This week we were able to make a lot of contact with some Less-actives and our two investigators. :)  TWO investigators!!!! We are slowing moving up in the world of investigators! This week we were able to contact a referral that a member gave us and she was able to become a new investigator.  Her name is Joyce and she LOVES the Bible... No Joke!  She was having a hard time finding anything in the Book of Mormon that looked familiar to her.  Sister Wolfe and I (we were on exchanges) left her with the commitment to read 3 Nephi 12-14 and compare it to Matthew 5-7 like it says you can do.  She Bible bashes just a little bit, but we don't know if she's doing it to prove us wrong or if she really wants to understand.  We have a lesson with her tonight at 6:00 so we are hoping that the lesson goes well and that we can help her understand.  Crossing our fingers!
We also were able to get in contact with a less-active member of the ward and she is awesome!  Her name is Cassandra and she is so nice!  She has had some difficult trials in her life and isn't coming to church because of some things that happened there.  I've come to think that she is just punishing herself since she isn't partaking of the Sacrament every week instead of punishing everyone else like I think she wants to do.  We did talk to her about the Relief Society Broadcast and she said she really wanted to come so that makes us excited!  :)  We told her we would sit by her and help her feel welcome.  I'm super excited for Saturday and the chance that we have to go to the broadcast!
We also had a lesson with our investigator Jessica on Saturday!  It was so awesome to be able to get to know her better and talk with her about prayer.  She told us that she's been going to a lot of different churches, trying to find one that has a lot of activities and stuff for her kids to do and is family oriented.... our church to a "T"!  We have a church tour set up with her on Wednesday (first church tour I have ever given) and I am super excited!  
The only other super exciting thing that happened this week was that our car got broken into.... We had a meeting (PEC) at 7:30 am and by 9:00 they had broken in. They smashed the passenger window and took everything out of the glove box.... so frustrating sometimes.... but that was an adventure!  We were in church for maybe 30 minutes and then we were outside dealing with our car the rest of the time.  It was POURING rain the whole time we were out there so we were soaked!  This actually has happened a little more frequently than we would like..... last Sunday (9/15) 3 members had their cars broken into.  Ours has been the worst though because they've just messed with the locks on the other cars, but apparently it's quite a big deal in our parking lot.  All throughout church, Priesthood Brethren are patrolling the parking lot because it's happening so frequently.  The response that we got with our car being broke into was crazy!  Tons of people were out helping us and patrolling the parking lot.  Elder Wilson and Elder Thomson (our Zone Leaders that are in our ward) were great help with knowing what to do.  I am so thankful that we have such awesome Zone Leaders and ward members and their willingness to help us with anything!
I'm attaching lots of pictures from the week and some pretty good ones of Mt. Rainier!  I am also sending some of each exchange I have done this transfer.  Enjoy!
I think that's about it for the week!  Much more exciting than the last few weeks! :) Loving my mission and all the things I am learning and experiencing!
Love you!

Sister Megan Hills

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