Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 70

This week was awesome! :)  It was a busy week but it was so good :)  We will start with Wednesday...
Wednesday:  We had a lesson with Shakita and Jarvin and their family :)  So cool!  That morning we were talking about what we wanted to teach them and we had determined that we wanted to read the Book of Mormon with them.  As we were trying to decide what to read with them, I asked Sister Evans-Bottoms, "How about Alma 32 and talk about faith?"  She then asked me "Why do you think we need to read Alma 32 with them?"  I just told her that I didn't know.  We talked about it a little bit more and decided that we needed to read that with them.  Skip to that night.  We go to their house and start the lesson.  Before we started reading, I told Shakita and Jarvin that they were in charge of how quickly we read this chapter.  If they had questions or comments, we could stop reading and talk about it for a minute.  Que reading... Sister Evans-Bottoms and I together read probably 5 verses out of the entire chapter, Shakita and her family read most of the verses.  Then we started talking about how to apply it in their life and it was SO cool to see them learn by faith and figure out how to apply Alma 32 to their lives.  They would ask us a question and before we could even answer it, they were already working on a solution to their questions.  It was SO COOL!  Can't wait for Wednesday to give them a church tour and help them feel the Spirit more!
Thursday:  We taught Inga on Thursday... quickest lesson I have ever had!  We taught her about the Book of Mormon so we read the Introduction with her but she pretty much took control of the lesson and had concluded by the end that she needed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.  Also, every Thursday morning, we do Weekly Planning, which is where we plan for the upcoming week and for our investigators (pretty self-explanatory, right?)  So after we get done planning, we get a text from Sister Eaton explaining that Sister Evans-Bottoms' less-active sister, Tamara, was going to be attending our ward on Sunday!  What the Heck!  Both of us were shocked because Sister Evans-Bottoms hasn't seen her for 11 years and it's very rare for President Eaton to allow us to see family members while we are serving.  It was even crazier because we were allowed to teach Tamara and her kids for one hour.
Friday:  We taught Courtney another one of her new member lessons and that was great!  Then we went over to Brother Jarstad's house to have him look at Sister Evans-Bottoms knee.  Brother Jarstad is an eye surgeon but is willing to help with any medical needs we might have.  While we were over there, we talked with them about a time for dinner on Sunday (they signed up to feed us Sunday) and explained about Tamara coming to see Sister Evans-Bottoms.  And what did they Jarstad's say... "Oh you should invite Tamara to come to dinner!"  We were shocked and then we were even more shocked once we asked for permission and that permission was granted for Tamara to come to dinner!  It was SO crazy!
Saturday:  We stopped at Dumas Bay to see if there were lots of people down at the beach to contact but it was high tide there so there wasn't   very many people but we took the opportunity to take pictures :)  There was a paddle boat floating out in the water too :)
Sunday:  Tamara showed up to our ward and it was such an awesome day! :)  I can't really explain in words how cool it was to be the "third wheel" and just watch Tamara and Sister Evans-Bottoms interact.  Tamara's kids were awesome too and super cute!  It was an honor to be present for that!

So with all of that, this week should be a breeze!  Nothing is supposed to be crazy busy or stressful this week which is great!

Megan's answer to a question I asked her last week:
By the end of tonight, I should be through Alma 22 to be on schedule so I am doing pretty well :)  I am a little bit behind but not by much :)

And there's one random picture that doesn't apply to anything I have been talking about but I ate a YELLOW watermelon on Friday :)  It was super good and tastes just like a normal watermelon!

Hope everyone has a great week!  Love you all!

Sister Megan Hills

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