Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 58

Hey hey!
So this email is going to pretty short because I don't have a lot of time.  This week was pretty good :)  I was exhausted all week from not sleeping super well but it still was good :)
Life still continues with talking with everyone.... I am continuing to work really hard at it and I am slowly growing but I am going to work even harder at talking with everyone this week.  I have seen some cool blessings and experiences from doing it, I just have to make it a habit now :)
Our investigator, Courtney, is still committed to baptism on July 5th and she is doing SO good! :)  We taught the Word of Wisdom to her this week and was totally fine with not drinking coffee anymore :) I really feel like she knows that the church is true and she knows how much just meeting with us has changed her life and influenced her family! :)  I love her and her family so much and am so happy for them! :)
We had zone meeting this past week and it was so good!  We talked about families and how we can connect that to the gospel and help others realize how the family is central to the gospel and the Plan of Salvation.  I learned so much!
Mom, Sister Russell (the one you texted for a few hours) is moving to Utah this weekend and she said she is willing to take a package of stuff for me.  I am sending all my winter stuff home since I won't need it, and a bunch of other stuff that I am just lugging around/not using.  She probably won't get it to you until next week but it will be coming :)
Dad (and everyone else out there), I hope you had a happy Father's Day :)  
Well, hope all is well at home or wherever you are :)  Keep up the great work with everything you are doing :)  Love you all!

Sister Megan Hills

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